The Division 2 Delta 03 Error Fix


The Division 2 Delta03 error code was plaguing me, which is super aggravating when you paid extra to get access to a game 3 days early. Actually it’s aggravating ANYTIME you pay for something that doesn’t work the way it should. The good news, is I found a fix.

I’m going to start in the same place Ubisoft will, and point you to this troubleshooting page with some things to try by Ubisoft:

I did every one of these steps to no avail. Would still get kicked within 10 minutes of gameplay. I remembered I had this same problem with The Division after an update to the game and started looking at the files for the game to try and remember how I fixed the problem then. As it turns out, the same fix DID work resolve the Delta 03 error.

Run the game in Windows 7 compatibility mode.

Go to your folder containing the executables (Probably “Program Files (x86)\Ubisoft\Ubisoft Game Launcher\games\Tom Clancy’s The Division 2”). Right click “TheDivision2.exe” and click properties. In the compatibility tab turn on compatibility mode, running the game in Windows 7 compatibility mode…

Why this is a fix, or why this problem still exists is beyond me… But I tried everything else including porting all of the suggested ports with no luck. After 2 hours of struggling I tried this because it fixed the issues I had with The Division and “Boom!” it worked.

Just the Facts


  • System: PC only
  • Games Effected: The Division 2
  • Fix Action: Windows 7 Compatability Mode

Game Review: Bastion


We’re going to start this article off a little different. Let’s start with the fact that this game is absolutely fucking awesome!

The first thing you will notice when you jump into this game is the amazing art going on, and it is amazing. It’s vibrant, and the way the levels pull up into the gameplay as you progress really sets it off.

The second thing you are going to notice with this feature is the comical narration of the gameplay actions as well as the storyline. I was immediately sure I wanted to keep playing this game after the first quirky comment. The commentary carries through the entirety of the gameplay, sometimes relating to your character’s direct actions such as falling of the map, and sometimes pointing out bad guys when they populate. The commentary is the only voice you will hear in game, with the exception of one time near the end of the game.

The storyline is rather simple, but fun to follow. Learning how the Calamity comes about, and the reasoning behind it are the prime points of the storyline. It’s not exactly a happy story, and considering modern and historical times the story feels very applicable and relatable – unfortunately… You also get the opportunity to learn a little but about the main character’s background, as well as one other character’s life story, filling in some deep details.

The gameplay is very easy to get used to, and there are a plethora of weapons to suit just about every playstyle. I personally rocked the dueling pistols and the machete the second I got them. Every time a new weapon would show up, I would immediately switch back, regardless of the foes in front of me.

The game comes reasonably priced at $14.99 on Steam. I got a full 8 hours on my first playthrough, and I did not complete all of the weapon challenges available. The gameplay was also fun enough that I plan to playthrough this one again, besides there are alternate endings, and I want to see the other one. The game does give you a start option called “New Game Plus” after the first completion. This lets you play through with all of your weapons. The game also has features to beef up aspects of your foes to change the level of challenge, which you may want as your level your character and modify your weapons to hit harder/faster. I would show more pictures of the game, but this one is best experienced first hand.

What I thought


  • System Played On: PC
  • Available On: PC, Mac, IPhone, Playstion, and XBox (Steam,  Mac Store, App Store, PS Store, XBox Store
  • Game Modes: Single-player
  • Visuals: 9/10
  • Audio: 10/10
  • Storyline: 9/10
  • Additional Content: N/A
  • Overall: 9/10


Game Review: far: Lone Sails


Let’s start with probably the most important fact of this review: This is not the game style I typically enjoy playing. Now that that is out of the way, let me say that the play of this game is pretty amazing. In a desolate world setting, this game really does a great job of making you feel like your character is the only one in the world. The game does a good job of explaining only just enough of the gameplay, which makes part of the puzzle figuring out how to interact with the environment. The aesthetic and audio environment are spot on, and really enhance the whole “desolate world” theme.

The game play start off with minimal instruction, and the first step is making your way to your Okomotive (ship thingly). As I described previously, the first puzzle to conquer is figuring out how the ship functions. Then, you’re on your way! You travel, and have to complete environmental puzzles to keep moving your ship forward. Even moving forward is a little bit of a thought process, as you have to consider wind direction, damage to the ship, and how much fuel you have to move your ship forward on energy. Throughout the game play there are pictures to take note of that describe the world as it was previously, and give small clues as to how things came to be. Over all, the game is a gem to play!

On to my final statement, and unfortunately, my one VERY large complaint: the pricetag. I purchased this game because steam featured it on the front page of the store, and I figured, “Why not? It has great reviews (mostly positive), and I’m looking for a good single player game that doesn’t come with a bunch of frustration.” This game was both of those things. But at the $14.99 price tag, this game was WAY TOO SHORT! I understand development costs vs. supply and demand determine a games intrinsic market value. That doesn’t validate charging $15 for a game that at it’s longest probably won’t take you 3 full hours to beat. This game was fantastic in every other way. But had I known the storyline was going to come to a close after such a short period of time, I would not have made the purchase.

That being said, wait till it’s on sale and buy this game. This game IS worth buying, and IS worth playing. And maybe for you, this game is worth the price listed. Remember my first line in this article, this isn’t generally the kind of game I play at all, so the price is steep to me. Removing that, the game is a definite pick for your wishlist.

What I thought


  • System Played On: PC
  • Available On: PC (Steam, GOG, Humble Store)
  • Game Modes: Single-player
  • Visuals: 9/10
  • Audio: 10/10
  • Storyline: 6/10
  • Additional Content: N/A
  • Overall: 7/10


Free  game:
Warhammer 40K: Space Marine


The Humble Bundle summer sale is kicking off in full force, and to celebrate is giving away keys for Warhammer 40K: Space Marine for free! This isn’t normally my specific type of game. I haven’t tried any of the Warhammer games, but at that amazing price point, I think this might just be the time. I’m hoping a couple of my friends pick this us as well (I mean, why wouldn’t they, right?) and am looking forward to seeing what the game has to offer. Pick up your copy at the link below!



Just the Facts


  • Sale Timeline: Now – September 1, 2018, 10AM Pacific Time
  • Available For: PC only
  • Original Price: $29.99
  • Sale Price: $0.00
  • Discount %: 100%
  • Sale Link:  Here 


Free  ASRock AMD Motherboard


It’s getting to be that time for me. And I’m sure its almost that time for some of you as well. Time to upgrade that is! I get both excited and depressed at the idea of upgrading. On the plus side, I get to rebuild my rig, and top out on the newest games again. On the down side, I have to rebuild my rig, and spend money in the process. That being said, this Newegg sale makes this down side a little bit less dreary to consider. With the purchase of an 8 GB ASRock AMD RX 580 at $299.99, they’ll hit you with a free ASRock motherboard (Originally $89.99 USD) to help complete your build. If you’re in the market for an upgrade, you may want to hurry up!


Just the Facts


  • Sale Timeline: Now – July 12, 2018
  • Available For: PC only
  • Original Price: $389.98 (USD)
  • Sale Price: $299.99 (USD
  • Discount %: 23.08%
  • Sale Link: Here


Steam Link 95% off!


If you’re like me, sometimes you want to play your PC games on your TV. Games that play better with a controller are just more fun on a larger screen. Or maybe its to scratch that local multiplayer itch in games like Rocket League or The Jackbox Party Pack. The Steam Link is the perfect solution, and it’s on sale right now through steam for on $2.50 (USD). That’s a 95% discount folks. You’re welcome.



Just the Facts


  • Sale Timeline: Now – July 5, 2018
  • Available For: PC only
  • Original Price: $49.99 (USD)
  • Sale Price: $2.50 (USD)
  • Discount %: 94.999%
  • Sale Link: Here

What was your favorite E3 (2018) Game Announcement?


E3 has come and gone once again, and if you’re like me, you are probably more excited by some announcements than others. I’m personally the type that is excited for the release announcement of new games. Not to say that content releases aren’t exciting, but they don’t carry the fanfare of a full game release for me. That being said, these are my top game announcements I can’t wait to dive into:

The Division 2

I can’t say this is a “long awaited” sequel, but it is definitely welcome. The Division was a great game, with well coordinated game play for multiplayer co-op. Add in the tons of additional content that has continued to expand the play options and I can’t help but be ecstatic for this next game. The first game in this series did a great job of hooking you into all the game had to offer with the way it handled character growth after hitting max level. Yes, it did have problems with the Dark zone in the beginning, and hackers will unfortunately be a problem in almost every new PC game, but hopefully those are lessons learned that won’t be repeated mistakes in the 2nd game.

Fallout 76

We wouldn’t be able to credit this as any form of appropriate coverage without
Fallout 76. This is probably the most hyped title announcement from E3. Everybody knows this game is on its way, and most of us are excited to experience the first multiplayer rendition of the Fallout series as soon as possible. Being the first of its kind in this series, the multiplayer rendition has quite the standard to reach. Players will be very skeptical over any differences in play compared to the single player games such as Fallout 3 &4. Hopefully this game exceeds those high expectations and causes me to spend hundreds of hours terrorizing, I mean exploring, the wasteland with my friends.

Jump Force

Now, if you haven’t figured out by now that these picks are completely based on my personal tastes, this should finalize that realization for you. I am far to excited to play this game. While I haven’t had the best experience playing some of the many many anime games available for PC, I have high hopes for Jump Force. If they manage to mess up a game that has so many of my favorite characters I don’t know how I will ever forgive Bandai Namco. Just the picture above had me antsy. And let’s be honest, we all know Luffy is going to beat the absolute shit out of every other character, and that is worth playing.

Dying Light 2

The first Dying Light was the first great game I played on my PS4 when I had one. It was a game I hadn’t really heard of, but that my friends talked me into getting. I was thoroughly pleased with the co-op gameplay and the smooth parkour physics of the game. The game remained challenging and the storyline was a very nice hook. This is a game that has had me waiting rather impatiently for the sequel. Throwing in the dynamic world settings announced piques my interest into how the new gameplay will evolve the story line experience.

What announcements did you think were the best? Or the worst? Let us know in the comments below!

What I thought

Sparkles Fantastic on my favorite game announcements from E3 2018. I know these aren’t the “best” announcements from E3 2018, but these are my personal favorites. I didn’t consider any of the console specific games in my top picks list because I’m strictly a PC gamer at the moment. 

Podcast Episode #1

Feat: SJComp, Sparkles, AJB

The first of many! In our first podcast episode we show our genius in full discussing only the most important of modern day topics. If those topics happen upon the realm of old wrestling superstars, well… That just means its going to be a good day.

The audio only option below is the same content as the YouTube video to the left.

Sit back and enjoy!

Game review: Ark Survival Evolved


Lets get right to the technical items here, because this is a large highlight of what I would expect out of a game with no storyline and a steep pricetag. The graphics are nice, but the games “epic” settings will require a top notch rig on the original map, The Island. To be specific, I game on an i7-5820k with 16G of memory, the game installed on an SSD, and an AMD R9-290X 4G. All of my system is water-cooled and overclocked by about 20%, and I still turn off sky effects, and register between 30-50 FPS depending on the number of items buffering into view at the time. But if you can run it high, the game looks beautiful. the programmers will get better at coding so the hardware doesn’t have to buffer every single item (down to individual dino teeth) into view. The DLC maps all play better than the original map, but at $19.99 USD it feels pricey considering how much you’re expected to pay for the base game.

The technical and ethical issues aside this game is a lot of fun. You run around an island making dinosaurs your bitch and not playing by any story line at all. The game can catch a player off guard though, with how realistic and far they took this survival game. Like other games, you need to drink and eat. You get hot and cold as well which lowers health. You also have stamina, which is not rare to find in games today. Some of the shocking details though, are the time amounts it takes to tame a Dinosaur, the fact that you are still in game when you log out (just an unconscious body laying on the ground), and the living beings in the game poop(yes even players). At first taste the realistic portions of the game are stressful. There are no “safe” spawns, you pick an area, and chances are against you that you don’t spawn next to a raptor with no clothes and no weapons. The first few times you die will make you want to quit this game, but it does get better. This is a game to be played with friends, as the teamwork and camaraderie make the game vastly more enjoyable. 

Overall I would recommend this game ONLY if it’s purchased on sale. This game is not worth $59.99 USD in any way, shape, or form. But $15.00 USD, such as it is has hit during seasonal sales, sure. Oh and last warning, when you start this game for the first time, it is really FUCKING LOUD, so I suggest turning down your volume or taking off your headset until you adjust the master volume.


What I thought


  • System Played On: PC
  • Available On: PC, XBox, PS
  • Game Modes: Multiplayer
  • Visuals: 6/10
  • Audio: 8/10
  • Storyline: 0/10
  • Additional Content 6/10
  • Overall 6/10

Game Review: Dying Light


In a game that makes me think of mashing together Assassin’s Creed, Farcry 4, and any Zombie game ever – you play Kyle Crane. As an undercover operative for the GRE your goal is retrieve stolen information that could be dangerous to the world in the wrong hands. The game takes you in a solid story through the streets of Harran, where the Harran Virus has hit with devastating effect. While the virus can be suppressed with medications, no known cure exists. And of course, as with anytime people are in a crisis, someone is taking advantage of the entire scenario to run their own show. Watch out for thugs and infected as you apply your talents to help the survivor’s grasp hope, while keeping the Government at bay.

The game starts out good. The infected are all completely OP compared to you at first, and the difficulty takes a slight decline quick. Gameplay speed increases as you get more familiar with your abilities and those of the infected. Dynamic gameplay gives you different gameplay at night vs. day. With loads of side missions and over 100 customizable weapons, brush up your skills to survive. Incorporating stamina into running and fighting helps keep the player from becoming too OP against the infected, and gives the infected a defined advantage that sticks through almost the entire game. Even the weakest of infected don’t get tired. While the game plays and feels like a FPS, the main focus is melee weapons. The environment and the threat of infected gear the player to treat every step as a puzzle-trying to maintain the high ground to reach the goal.
The graphics were top notch, as they should be. Good effects and no issues with rendering the environment or buffering problems.

I have to say the gameplay reminded me of any FPS style game. But the multiplayer Co-op was what really made this game top-notch to me. Unlike other games there were no limitations on other players such as weapons/experience/distance. You and your friends can play the game, thats it. The only missions that were different were the beginning missions and the end mission. Having 4 players doesn’t ruin the gameplay experience either. I found that while we were obviously harder to kill as a group, we were more liable to get a little ballsy during gameplay. Not to mention, some missions still killed the entire team more than a couple times before we were able to complete them.

There has been plenty of add-on gameplay and expansion material due to the success of the game. I keep telling myself I need to get people together and replay the game through to include these additions, and eventually (maybe) it will happen.

What I thought


  • System Played On: PS
  • Available On: PC, XBox, PS
  • Game Modes: Single-player, Multiplayer Coop (4), Invasion
  • Visuals: 9/10
  • Audio: 10/10
  • Storyline: 9/10
  • Additional Content 10/10
  • Overall 10/10