Free  ASRock AMD Motherboard


It’s getting to be that time for me. And I’m sure its almost that time for some of you as well. Time to upgrade that is! I get both excited and depressed at the idea of upgrading. On the plus side, I get to rebuild my rig, and top out on the newest games again. On the down side, I have to rebuild my rig, and spend money in the process. That being said, this Newegg sale makes this down side a little bit less dreary to consider. With the purchase of an 8 GB ASRock AMD RX 580 at $299.99, they’ll hit you with a free ASRock motherboard (Originally $89.99 USD) to help complete your build. If you’re in the market for an upgrade, you may want to hurry up!


Just the Facts


  • Sale Timeline: Now – July 12, 2018
  • Available For: PC only
  • Original Price: $389.98 (USD)
  • Sale Price: $299.99 (USD
  • Discount %: 23.08%
  • Sale Link: Here


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