Team Member

Sparkles Fantastic

Sparkles Fantastic has been gaming since he was a wee lil lad on the original Nintendo Entertainment System. From there it was all about availability. Moving more heavily into the gaming world with breakthrough games such as Final Fantasy VII and Unreal Tournament, Sparkles Fantastic quickly identified the two things he loved in gaming: Storyline or Teamwork. Diving into the multiplayer FPS realm, he quickly realized how much he enjoyed the teamwork aspect of some games and took to playing for a Counter Strike: Source team in the Cyber Athlete League called, Save Yourself Gaming. Aside from his first person shooter fix though, Sparkles is primarily not an MMO player, preferring to stick to co-op or solo play games with enjoyable storylines.



  • PC Gamer
  • First Person Shooters
  • Water Cooling
  • Past Console Gamer
  • Apple Fanboy (Sometimes)


“Can you describe yourself in 4 words?”

Me: “What was the question?”