Game review: Ark Survival Evolved


Lets get right to the technical items here, because this is a large highlight of what I would expect out of a game with no storyline and a steep pricetag. The graphics are nice, but the games “epic” settings will require a top notch rig on the original map, The Island. To be specific, I game on an i7-5820k with 16G of memory, the game installed on an SSD, and an AMD R9-290X 4G. All of my system is water-cooled and overclocked by about 20%, and I still turn off sky effects, and register between 30-50 FPS depending on the number of items buffering into view at the time. But if you can run it high, the game looks beautiful. the programmers will get better at coding so the hardware doesn’t have to buffer every single item (down to individual dino teeth) into view. The DLC maps all play better than the original map, but at $19.99 USD it feels pricey considering how much you’re expected to pay for the base game.

The technical and ethical issues aside this game is a lot of fun. You run around an island making dinosaurs your bitch and not playing by any story line at all. The game can catch a player off guard though, with how realistic and far they took this survival game. Like other games, you need to drink and eat. You get hot and cold as well which lowers health. You also have stamina, which is not rare to find in games today. Some of the shocking details though, are the time amounts it takes to tame a Dinosaur, the fact that you are still in game when you log out (just an unconscious body laying on the ground), and the living beings in the game poop(yes even players). At first taste the realistic portions of the game are stressful. There are no “safe” spawns, you pick an area, and chances are against you that you don’t spawn next to a raptor with no clothes and no weapons. The first few times you die will make you want to quit this game, but it does get better. This is a game to be played with friends, as the teamwork and camaraderie make the game vastly more enjoyable. 

Overall I would recommend this game ONLY if it’s purchased on sale. This game is not worth $59.99 USD in any way, shape, or form. But $15.00 USD, such as it is has hit during seasonal sales, sure. Oh and last warning, when you start this game for the first time, it is really FUCKING LOUD, so I suggest turning down your volume or taking off your headset until you adjust the master volume.


What I thought


  • System Played On: PC
  • Available On: PC, XBox, PS
  • Game Modes: Multiplayer
  • Visuals: 6/10
  • Audio: 8/10
  • Storyline: 0/10
  • Additional Content 6/10
  • Overall 6/10